Emma Pregnancy Photography Session

Wooden heart with Little Angel message and wooden N
Emma and Iain were expecting their first child and were very excited to have this photographic experience to capture all their emotions of this point. Both of them have always wanted to have a family, so it was really a dream come true when they found out about the new baby coming.

Couple touching foreheads in the morning on Maroubra Beach Sydney
Sometimes you know a session is going to be great before you even bring out the camera. Sometimes a couple are so in love and connected it’s amazing. When you speak to them individually they say the exact same things about what they love about the relationship. We felt we knew them so well just from the way they talk about each other.

Baby in white wrap sleeping on woollen fleece in Sydney studio session
Little baby Leah was just over a week old when she came in with her adoring parents. Born at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Randwick just the week prior, she was still so teeny tiny when we met her.

Mother and teenage daughter in studio portrait shoot in Coogee, Sydney
Maddie and her mum share a very strong bond. They always have. When they came in and we met them for the first time they were so in sync and were finishing each other’s sentences it was amazing.

High key woman holding man's head and kissing man on cheek in studio session Sydney
What a lovely time we had to meet with Candy and Alex to have a maternity photography session for their first pregnancy. They were keen at several sports, but had a special love for the snow. Just like us! We had a great time learning about their travels and adventures in so many different countries and trying out different cuisines.

Asian couple in maternity session in Eastern Suburbs Sydney
Mia was so excited about being pregnant with her first little baby girl! Being their first baby, of course it was a daunting time too. Between maternity classes, buying prams and cots, and still going to work, time was flying past! For that very reason they knew they wanted to capture these emotions and the joy so that they can look back on this time and relive how special it was. It was also a big thing for her extended family, who were overseas and had been waiting for a grandchild for a long time. This would be the first