The Photographic Experience

Nowadays everyone has a camera. If you have a phone, you have 2 to 6 cameras right there. You don’t go to a photographer for pics. You go for the experience.

The Valent Lau Photographic Experience is about you and your stories. It’s not “smile at the camera.” It’s not “look at your child and laugh.” We help you bring out your real emotions, and then we capture it as it happens.

How can you bring out those emotions? Don’t worry, that’s our secret sauce! We have a special process that makes it easy and natural.

The experience is fully guided. See how every one of our clients use words such as ‘relaxing’ and ‘enjoyable’ to describe their journey with us.

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Simple Steps to Celebrating Your Loved Ones

1. Getting to know you

2. Custom Photographic Session

3. Design Consultation

4. Show off your Artwork

1. Getting to know you

The most important part of capturing natural and treasured moments is getting to know you. We want this to be more than a “look at the camera” session.

It’s a casual chat on the phone with each person involved in the experience to hear your story. We see what is important about your connection with those close to you. We learn about your journey, where you’ve been, where you’re headed.

You’ll be surprised how many things we rediscover that mean so much, that you may never have thought of mentioning. By the time you come to your photographic shoot, we’re friends. It’s a relaxed experience, many of our clients mention how enjoyable the whole process is.

2. Custom Photographic Session

Before our session, we send you tips and info on how to prepare, what to wear, and introduce you to our recommended hair and makeup artists. We answer any questions you have, and you feel confident and relaxed.

Now the fun starts. We guarantee there is no awkward posing or forced smiles. We gently guide you and let things happen naturally in a relaxed environment.

This is important because every time you look back at your photographs, you will remember if that expression is real.

Because we’ve taken the time to learn about you, we are able to anticipate when a special moment will happen. Whether it’s that gentle touch, or that fleeting glance, we are ready and waiting. Years from now, you will relive the genuine emotions and feelings again every time you look at your artwork.

3. Design Consultation

This is the most exciting part of the experience. After the session you have a break, maybe get something to eat.

Then the same afternoon you come back to the studio to see your photographs for the first time.

Together we go through the moments we’ve captured set to music. There will be laughter and tears.

We select your favorites and choose which photographs to purchase. All photographs are purchased individually. We customise them into contemporary art pieces that totally represent who you are, right now.

4. Show off your Artwork

We finish your photographs using our Fine Touch editing that shows you at your best. Our team of specially selected artisans create amazing art pieces from them.

When your handmade artwork comes back we inspect them carefully with white gloves, then schedule you to come back to the studio for the big reveal.

Seeing your artwork for the first time is a fantastic experience, and there are often tears involved. We encourage everyone to come together to see the reveal. Finally, your artwork is hung in your home, and each time you walk past it you will relive this time, the feelings, emotions, all of it, for years to come.

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Why Us?

You can take hundreds of photos a day with your phone. It’s not about getting lots of photos.

It’s about capturing your connection with your loved ones, in a way you can’t do yourself.

It’s not the great selfie competition, or doing something epic to show off. But something more personal, intimate, real.

How can you bring out those emotions? Don’t worry, that’s our secret sauce is fully guided. See how every one of our clients use words such as ‘relaxing’ and ‘enjoyable’ to describe their journey with us.

Our specialty is working with people, getting you relaxed so you show your true personality. That way your partner looks at you, that way your child grins, we help you discover then freeze the precious moment. We can bring out and capture those feelings in photographs that will last generations.

If you want to get that one shot that is so authentic and genuine, that you want to see it on the wall every day – then we can help you.

Because your family are worth it, aren’t they?

Why Not Us?

We’re not for everyone – there are things we can’t do.

If you don’t want to plan and prepare together, you want someone to just turn up and snap some photos, then we’re not for you.

If you want cheap packages and your joy is measured in how many hundred pics you get on a disk/CD/DVD/thumb drive, we’re not for you.

If you want something super posed, staged, made up, then we’re not for you. There will be others who will fit your needs better.

We want to get to know you, we want to laugh and cry with you, and create something wonderful. You will love your photographs enough to purchase each one. We can create what we do because of our process to learn about you and your journey. We can’t photograph you if we don’t know what’s important to you.


A session fee of $1190 is collected at the time of booking. The session fee does NOT include any products and/or images. It includes $1000 credit weekends/public holidays, and $1100 credit weekdays to use towards purchasing photographs at your Design Consultation.

Our Portraits are priced from 225 individually. We have some clients come in, choose a few portraits they love to bits. They spend 1500 and everyone’s delighted. We have others clients who come in and say “I want to decorate each room with a wall art collection, and get an album, and get Portrait Prints for family.” They spend 10000 or more, and everyone’s delighted.

There’s really a big range of what you can spend and lots of fantastic products to choose from. There’s really something for everyone. See more about our products.

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