Meet Valent

valentprofileHi, I’m Valent! I love photography. That’s me on the left.

I am an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer and Associate of the Australian Photographic Society. My studio is based in the Eastern Suburbs Sydney and I’m happy to service the right clients anywhere.

I specialise in beloved photography for couples, pregnancy, baby, portrait, and family photography. People in love, at all stages of their lives, right now.

I believe everyone has something worth celebrating, right now. But often we are so busy with with life, with small daily frustrations, that we miss what is truly important to us in the long run. We help you slow down, find out what is important and rekindle that connection with the ones close to you. Taking these valuable moments of discovery, we create artwork together that let you relive and enjoy that moment every day for generations to come.

Let me create art for you!

My Story

I’m sure you were looking forward to stories of being born with camera in hand and winning awards before being able to walk. But sorry, I actually had limited access to photography when I was young. My family had a camera that came out at special events. I went to a boarding high school and owning a camera was out of the question. But I remember always being fascinated with photography, mainly landscapes back then.

My first camera was an APS film point and shoot I got at uni. I got it just before going on a trip to Japan. I visited Japan for 3 weeks and came back with 46 rolls of film. The photo shop in Japan knew me by name because I was in there every day with another roll or two. I loved holding the prints and putting them into albums. My family would say how my shots looked like a postcard. I realise they meant it as a compliment, but it left me feeling something was missing. There was no soul in the shots, nothing that connected with the viewer’s emotion, though I wouldn’t understand that for a while to come.

The woman who would later become my wife introduced me to the DSLR. I fell in love again with all aspects of photography. From animals to events to product and fashion photography, I did it all. Finally I started doing family portraiture, and as I captured the expressions and connections between people, I started seeing how they reacted to the finished photograph. This is what I was missing! It was the emotions and connection that pulled the viewer in and gave the photograph value. It was no longer a postcard you enjoyed for a few seconds then put away. These were photographs that clients would enjoy every day for generations to come! This is how Valent Lau Photography came about.

Let me create art for you!

My Gear

Camera gear plays only a small part in professional photography, but there is a lot of interest so here it is. My primary is the 36MP Nikon D800 camera and a range of professional lenses from 16-200mm, including fast primes, macros, and exotics. I have a range of lighting and equipment that can be used in studio or on location. What does this mean? It means you don’t have to worry about anything on the photography side. Just be your fabulous self and we’ll show the world you you are!

Let me create art for you!

About Me

Apart from photography, I love snowboarding. I lived in Japan for three years, and this was my local ski field. It was 30min drive away, and open for night skiing every day until 10pm!


This is where I lived in Japan. It’s a rural town in Akita Prefecture, Northern Japan. This is an early winter day. Deep in winter the snow would be 3x as thick!


Here are my students in Japan. I was there to teach English to kids from 6 year olds to 15 year olds. They worked very hard, unlike what you see in Japanese TV Dramas. Every one of my students that entered into the regional English speech contest during those years won a prize!


And if you want a real snow experience, head to Hachinohe in Aomori Prefecture. The snow cover is measured in meters (6m when I was there), the ride down the mountain was in knee-deep powder and took 50min (35min if you gun it and don’t stop on the way down)


After returning to Sydney, I was surprised to find sandboarding was very similar to snowboarding when I visited Newcastle.


Things I’m scared of? Heights! Here are some things you probably won’t see me doing again.


Let’s create beautiful photographs!

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Get beautiful photos!
Get beautiful photos!