The Problem With Cheap Maternity Photography

When you are expecting a baby, there are quite a few to-do items on your list. One of these might be to pose for a maternity photoshoot. It makes sense-a maternity photoshoot is a perfect way to document special moments during your pregnancy and to celebrate the tiny tot growing inside of you.

Perhaps you are considering the idea of hiring an inexpensive maternity photographer. While there is nothing wrong with this, we do want to highlight a few problems that frequently accompany cheap maternity photography. 

Unlike shooting pregnancy photos at home or opting for a photography hobbyist, a professional maternity photoshoot allows you to focus less on the logistics and setup and more on celebrating the moment for what it is—a beautiful time honouring you and your growing family. The more you know about maternity photography, the better off you’ll be. We want you to have all the knowledge necessary before proceeding with your photographer.

Here are a few things to look for when considering a maternity photographer: 

What Experience Level Do You Want?

Most low-budget photographers charge a rate that falls in line with their experience. If your photographer is charging an affordable rate, it’s worth discussing their experience and background; it also wouldn’t hurt to get a link to their portfolio or website. The last thing you want to do is drop good money and end up with photos that lack professionalism and fail to bring you satisfaction and joy. 

Keep in mind that there are affordable photographers who are great at what they do, but you won’t know this until you speak to your photographer in depth to get an idea of who you’re working with. 

What Are the Photos Worth to You?

A cheap photographer might lack the full-service experience that other established and experienced photographers can provide. It’s important to ask yourself how important these photographs are to you. 

Always remember the expression “quality over quantity.” If your photographer gives you 400 snaps but they are all poor quality, it’s probably not worth the money you paid. 

There are certain stereotypes associated with cheap photographers. Many fear that these individuals won’t be on time, will miss the session altogether, won’t know how to operate the camera properly, will fail to pose you correctly or in ways that show your best characteristics, and might not even have the proper equipment or background to produce great photos or edit them later.

It is important to ask yourself if you are okay with the possibility of these problems arising. If you are, go for it! If you are uncertain, it’s worth discussing your concerns with your photographer. A great photographer will go above and beyond to reassure you of their experience and make you excited at the prospect of shooting your pregnancy. 

Do You Trust Them?

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and trust. Ask yourself if you would trust this person to take photos of this moment in a special and meaningful way. After all, if you are spending the money on a maternity shoot, chances are that you are looking forward to having these photos as keepsakes for years to come. So, do you trust that this photographer has the ability to produce a memory worth holding onto? 

It all comes down to doing your homework-read reviews, inspect portfolios, and ask for the photographer’s background and information about their experience and training.

Final Thoughts

Expecting a baby is a wonderful thing that you undoubtedly want to capture in pictures. However, trying to set up a maternity photoshoot on your own or with an inexperienced photographer will be challenging; there are a million factors to consider, from choosing the type of photographer to work with to the cost of the maternity photoshoot, wardrobe and styling, and much more.
This can become overwhelming very quickly—which is why you should be careful not to be tempted by low prices and hire the wrong photographer. Valent Lau is excited for you and the journey that you’re embarking on, and we are here to help you capture this special moment in your life as seamlessly as possible!

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