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Pregnancy is such a special time … Capture the special memories of your experience

You’re pregnant! There is so much to celebrate, this special love you and your partner feel as a couple for your soon-to-be-born baby. Be sure to capture these unique emotions now that you will cherish forever, and tell a marvellous story. In just a few short months the form of your love will change completely as you become a new family.

Create Magical Maternity Photographs

Like every expectant mother you’re excited and somewhat apprehensive. The life within you is a wonder, you’re filled with emotions that words cannot describe. Of course you would love to have keepsakes of this beautiful journey. What if you could have meaningful artwork that can bring you back to these emotions at any time?

Together, we can capture these happy, sentimental feelings that you will be proud to re-experience, as you recall the magic of this time.

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Why Choose Us

  • We keep it real for you. Every pregnancy is unique, we capture your genuine connection. What was it that brought you together originally? What does this love between you look like?
  • We capture your true personalities. No forced poses. Your child will grow to know the true you, and how you came together to create this family.
  • We will guide you every step of the way! Just relax and be at ease, be present and experience this special time with your partner.
  • You’ll have so much fun and experience such a deeper connection between you and your partner, and even your soon-to-be-born baby.

Imagine how thrilling it will be to share these photographs when your baby is older. To relive the precious times of your pregnancy and the tenderness you felt. Your child will immediately understand how important they were to you, from the very beginning.

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We help you feel beautiful and elegant, while creating unique photographs of your pregnancy. Capture how proud and supportive your partner is. When you look back at these emotional photographs you will reconnect and relive what was most important to you.

Whether it’s your first baby, or your last, there’s no better way to capture the joy of a lifetime than with a maternity photographic experience with Valent Lau Photography. Timing is everything, so call us today to discuss the right time to schedule your session.

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Pregnancy is one of the most magnificent experiences you’ll have, relive those moments every day with beautiful wall art.

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