Andre’s 75th Royal Sydney Golf Club

Andre’s big 75th birthday party was held at the prestigious Royal Sydney Golf Club at Rose Bay in the Eastern Suburbs. It was an intimate party with about 50 close friends and family.

A celebration can bring together friends and families who haven’t seen each other in person for a long time! There is so much to catch up on, and little things to renew your friendship. Although we are all connected via technology, there is something different about sharing some time together face to face. Having Sydney Event Photographers there allow you to capture all the important moments and let your guests enjoy the day.

The Royal Sydney Golf Club was a magnificent venue, with an elegant decor, and beautiful gardens. It was a little patch of peace within Sydney, with the trees just hiding the view of the streets from the clubhouse. With a lovely expanse of water and hills in the distance, we could have been at a country club.

After the event, we carefully curated the photographs to make a memorable story of the day. The photographs were made into a custom mobile app that all friends and family could share and look back on.

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