Capturing Your Child’s Church Christening/Baptism

Christening with Monsignor Tony Doherty in Our Lady Star of the Sea church in Watson's Bay

Christenings and Baptisms are a big important milestone in many Sydney families. Many families select a private ceremony at a church, making it an unforgettable event for all. Should you hire a Sydney Event Photographer? Here is what you can expect.

Baptisms are a big event. With the cost of the ceremony, the venues, and the catering, sometimes you wonder whether to invest in an event photographer/videographer. Some people choose to document the event with their phones, but if you hire a professional, you are going to get better results.

Not only are we better equipped to work in dark and varying light conditions, we know the best angles to use to capture the mood. Instead of burdening your guests with capturing your big day, here is what you can expect when you leave it to professionals.

The Preparation

Baby Christening with Monsignor Tony Doherty in Our Lady Star of the Sea church in Watson's Bay

Event photography for Christenings and Baptisms usually start before the church ceremony.

We may start at home, as you dress up the children for the ceremony. Close family and godparents may visit. It’s a chance to capture some photographs at home before embarking on this journey.

Sometimes we start at the church, usually half an hour before the start of proceedings. We capture photographs of the family preparing, and of guests arriving and mingling outside. Many guests may not have met the baby, and are keen to have photographs together.

We also take this opportunity to talk to the priest or minister about how they run the ceremony, and any things we need to look out for.

Church Ceremony

Baby being Christened at the altar by Monsignor Tony Doherty in Our Lady Star of the Sea church in Watson's Bay

The most important part of the event, this ceremony was held at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church in Watson’s Bay, led by Monsignor Tony Doherty. He was one of the most sought after priests in the Eastern Suburbs for special occasions!

Most churches are dimly lit inside, with tungsten lights that leave your photographs looking a shade of green. Of course when you hire professional event photographers you do not have to worry about any of those things.

We use lighting as appropriate to each venue, to ensure you get clear and crisp photographs of the whole proceedings. We are discreet and out of the way, while ensuring we capture the most important moments.

After The Ceremony

Guests outside Our Lady Star of the Sea church in Watson's Bay on clear sunny day

When the Christening finishes, it is customary for family and guests to capture some photographs together. This can be done inside at the altar, or we can set up outside.

We had over a hundred guests on this day, and we captured this group photograph outside with the beautiful church in the background.

The Reception

Guests at lunch event in Vaucluse House Tearooms, Sydney

The reception was held at Vaucluse House Tearooms. We captured friends and family as they arrived at different time. There were also guests who hadn’t been able to attend the ceremony, so there were a lot of group photographs then.

Once the reception starts, we move around capturing the mood as everyone catches up and enjoys their meal. We love working with children, and are experts at capturing their little personalities.

The Photographs

After the event, we curate your photographs into a beautiful story that highlights all of the joy and emotions of the day. Everything is edited to perfection, so you can see the expressions on everyone’s faces. We also provide a custom mobile app for you to share with your friends and family. It’s easy to use and you’ll never lose it!

Valent Lau Photography provides Event Photography in Sydney. Contact us now and take your first step towards creating some beautiful heirlooms.

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