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Do I have to be nude in boudoir photography?

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Many people associate boudoir with being naked. But there’s actually nothing to say that must be the case.

It’s completely up to you. We will work at your comfort level to create something totally fabulous. Look at our samples, you can be totally alluring in a loose shirt or lingerie, it’s all about the attitude.

Whether you want to be flirty, seductive, or cute, we help you bring out the emotion in the photograph in a unique way.

Here are some broad options to think about.

Intimate Photography

No nudity at all. Just suggestive and sensual. See What is Intimate Lifestyle Photography?


As it says, wearing lingerie for boudoir, or perhaps a bikini for glamour. There may be straps or stockings involved. Everything is covered.

Implied Nudity

You look like you might be naked, but you can’t see any bits – it’s all left to the imagination.

It could mean showing some curves, showing your bare back, or a bedsheet or prop is covering important parts.


This is generally nude, but without your face in the photograph. It’s a play of light and shadow, and often focuses in on one body part, sometimes to the point where it’s not immediately obvious what is shown.

Many of these focus on curves of your body, and sometimes can be mistaken for landscape photographs! We can’t show these online, but visit us to see some examples.

Fully Nude

Even naked, there is a range of differences. You could be cute and bubbly, you could be sensual and suggestive. Discuss with us what you want to celebrate about who you are.