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My husband hates photos

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We’ve heard this so often, that my husband/partner doesn’t like photos, can we just have photos of me or the kids.

It’s totally understandable. I mean, in the past I thought taking photos was going to a studio, wearing uncomfortable clothes, standing in a weird way, and saying cheese to the camera.

That’s how it was the last generation, because we didn’t have cameras at home. Now we don’t need those photos so much, as we can take them at home any time we want.

Nowadays, going to a professional photographer is to capture the real connection between your loved ones. It’s relaxed, unposed, natural. When dads hear this, they are so excited to take part in the photo session. They really love their kids, they just don’t want awkward photos.

So don’t worry, let us talk to your partner, show them what we do, and I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to create these special memories too.