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Outdoors vs studio photography session – What’s the difference?

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We can organise your photography session for both outdoors and in our fully equipped studio. Here is a brief rundown on the differences.

Outdoors session


  • Revisit a location that has sentimental value.
  • Great for kids of certain ages who are too active to stay still!
  • Focus is more on the background than small details.
  • Easy to get a variety of different backgrounds.
  • If the weather is fantastic, it makes a great memory.
  • Can treat it like a family outing.


  • Affected by weather, day of time. The angle you want may only be usable at certain times.
  • Sydney is known for wild winds on the best of days, easily affecting your hairdo.
  • Affected by crowds appearing in your background.
  • Require assistant to hold portable studio lighting.
  • Difficult to change outfits.
  • Going to the bathroom may be a trial in itself.
  • Not suitable for young babies.

Studio session


  • Warm, comfortable environment not affected by weather.
  • Privacy – if you’re very self conscious.
  • Your car is right there, you have everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Studio equipment gives you perfect photographs every time.
  • Easy to change if you want.
  • Focus on the details, the connection, emotion between you.
  • No time limits, can easily take breaks.
  • Snacks and coffee available.


  • Focus is on you – you can’t hide behind an epic backdrop – but we can help you relax and connect.

What’s the most popular?

Most of our clients choose to have a studio session. Perhaps it is our focus on the connection you have with your loved ones. In the studio it is easier to bring out this connection and capture it in a meaningful way. We often have special gestures and surprises that partners organise, and it’s easier to do it in the privacy of a studio.

We have outdoors sessions too, when there’s a special location in mind. Perhaps it’s where your partner proposed, or a place you spent many happy days. It’s a way to celebrate your joy with the memories that place brings.

We will discuss with you both options in your discovery calls, and then you can decide what’s best for you.