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What is Boudoir/Glamour Photography?

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When we think of boudoir & glamour photography, it’s about celebrating your body and how it makes you feel.

Lots of people have fancy definitions for boudoir & glamour photography. You get arguments about traditional meanings vs evolving language. In the end, it’s just a label. Do you really care the exact difference between boudoir, pinup, glamour, lingerie, bodyscapes, and art nude photography?

We tend to use the worlds boudoir and glamour photography interchangeably, as these are the terms most commonly used by the general public.

Why Have Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography is to help you discover what you want to celebrate about your body, your style, as it is right now.

You may have many reasons. Is it to build confidence in your body? Is it to celebrate a milestone? Is it to create a treasured memory, to look back on in 10+ years? Is it for a special someone as a gift?

We learn about your story, and customise the session to you. We can discuss what you want to wear, how much of your body you want to show. You can even do different genres within the same session.

So your boudoir photography experience might be completely different to the next person. But it will be the best experience you’ve had.

Who Is Boudoir/Glamour Photography For?

Nowadays women from all walks of life are choosing intimate portraiture to celebrate who they are. Maybe:

  • You’re a mum who wants to feel attractive
  • You want to share a bonding experience with your girlfriends
  • You want to celebrate your body with something beautiful and classy
  • You’re a bride who wants a beautiful gift for your partner
  • You’ve just broken up and want to find your inner strength again

Where Can I See More?

Check out our Boudoir & Glamour Blog for some real Sydney boudoir photography sessions our clients have chosen to share.