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Why choose us for your party?

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Well, you’ve decided against taking photos yourself, or asking a friend or family member to do so. Most likely you want all your guests to be able to enjoy the party, rather than having to concentrate on a task.

Did you know who you choose as your event photographer will also greatly affect your guests’ enjoyment? There are big things, like being good with children. There are little things, like not being in people’s face or getting in the way of things.

Then there are things of common sense, which may not be so common. For example we do not photograph people putting food in their mouth. Some photographers love these shots, maybe they think it’s artistic. But no guest wants others to see them in this action.

Another reason for having a photographer may be that you want good quality photos for your party.

Especially indoors, and at night, a good command of light is needed. Don’t let an inexperienced photographer blame a dark venue for poorly flashed photos. We balance flash with the venue lighting so that everything looks natural and cheerful.

So if you’ve decided to use a photographer for your birthday, bat mitzvah, or bar mitzvah, don’t settle for less. Have the best for your family and call us today.