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Why choose us for your christening or baptism?

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Your child’s christening or baptism is an important event. A celebration with friends and family. How would you choose an event photographer?

Firstly, your church or chapel where the main ceremony will take place. They generally have challenging and mixed lighting, meaning a less experienced photographer may give you strange colors, dull or blurred photos. You want someone who can balance flash with ambient lighting, so that everything looks bright and natural.

Secondly, this is a serious ceremony. Unlike a party, there are places we shouldn’t be. Some guests don’t want to be disturbed. We know how to be discreet, and still capture the important moments of your christening or baptism.

Thirdly, we liaise with the priest, and work with any restrictions they may have. This seems common sense, but so often the priest comments “You’re the first photographer who has come to me and asked this.”

So if you want great memories and great photographs for your child’s baptism or christening, contact us today.